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   I would have never expected a dog with 3 legs to be such a big part of my life!!  This summer we adopted a puppy from a puppy rescue.  He had to have a leg amputated shortly after he was born.  We think it was because of a birth defect but we are not sure because it did not seem like the puppy rescue was sure why he had to have it removed.  He was the sweetest puppy though. 

  When we went to look at him we were in the play pen with him and instead of playing with or chewing on the toy he had in the play pen he decided to chew on the straps of my purse.  Needless to say I fell in love with him the night we went just to look.  We did not adopt him that night because we needed to come home and really consider the decision first because we were not planning on getting a dog at that point in time.  In the end we decided to get the puppy.  We decided that we were going to name him Scribble, which ended up being perfect.

    The morning we went to the adoption fair to get Scribble he arrived with orange highlighter all over himself, aparently he had gotten a hold of one.  To this day he loves to grab anything I am writing with and tries to take from me.  He was also the only puppy that got car sick.  He used to get car sick every time we got in the car, unless we gave him a little ginger supplement to settle his stomach.  He has grown out of this though and now likes to stick his nose out the window a little bit.  Sometimes he even watches out the back window of the car.  🙂 When we brought Scribble home the biggest challenge was stairs, we live in a second floor apartment.  It took us awhile and a lot of treats but eventually he learned to go up the stairs on his own, which is a blessing because I do not think we could carry him up the stairs anymore since he has grown.

   Scribble grew so fast it was unbelieveable.  It seemed like he was only a puppy for a few days.  He is currently 11 months old, so almost a year.  We are not sure if he will get any bigger than what he is now.  We do not know what breed of dog he is.  We do know that most medium size dogs have their final growth spurt at a year.  Scribble has a ton of extra skin too so we are not sure what to expect. 

   That is just an introduction to how Scribble came into our lives!  Have a great day!

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  1. admin’s avatar

    Thanks for starting a Tripawds Blog for Scribble! FYI: We added the adorable picture you sent of him to Jerry’s Tripawd Pals gallery.

  2. jerry’s avatar

    Hey Scribble, we love how you got your name! It’s pawfect! Maybe it means you were meant to be an artist and sell lots and lots of doggie paintings? Hmmm. Maybe you need an agent?

    Glad your pawrents found you and now you have a furever home. It sounds really really nice. We can’t wait to get to know you. Be sure to post a picture when you can!

  3. Opie’s avatar

    Hi Scribble and welcome to the tripawd community. Tripawds Rock! Do you live in the US? or somewhere else? Let’s see your picture. Keep hoppin’ Scribble! Opie’s mom.


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