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When will summer be here?

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  We live in Colorado and Scribble loves the snow!  He burrows in it, and it is pretty cute.  He pushes his nose under the snow and then pushes the snow all around.  When he finally pokes his face up his whole snout is covered with snow.  It has snowed quite a bit this year.  We are beginning to wonder if summer will be here soon.

  Scribble is finally starting to love riding in the car.  He has even started sticking his head out the window, which I think was triggered when we went to a drive through window and they gave Scribble a milk bone.  We live fairly close to the mountains but we still have to drive a little bit to go hiking.  Scribble loves hiking and now that he is beginning to enjoy the car more it is a great combo.  We have been trying to find hikes that have water because Scribble loves playing in the stream behind our apartments.  Scribble climbs up the mountain faster than we do and seems to have endless energy.

  Right now though it seems like every time we plan a hike it ends up snowing.  It is pretty late in the snow season so it is becoming a little frustrating.  Scribble and I are both hoping that summer is here soon!

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  1. etgayle’s avatar

    wow, snow on may day…that’s amazing. we’ve got rain here in east tennessee…. sounds like you’re a real outdoorsy type, which really fits with colorado. how about some pictures (i’m a nosey type, sorry) of you and family?? hope to hear more about your adventures. gayle

  2. Opie’s avatar

    My Opie loved the snow, too. You probably couldn’t tell by his photo, so I thought I better just come right out and say it. : ).

    Colorado? Dillon and Rhys are from Colorado!

    Yup. I am sooooo ready for summer.

    Opie’s mom

  3. anyemery’s avatar

    Holly loves to do the snow plow thing, too! She ends up looking like an abominable snow-tripawd and is so happy when she has a face full of snow. But our snow is gone, hopefully til next winter!
    Holly and Holly’s mom

  4. jerry’s avatar

    Hey Scribble, when it stops snowing? Maybe then we’ll go home to Red Feather Lakes for the summer.

    We hope we get to see you at the Tripawds pawty in either May, in CO Springs, or in July in Longmont! The weather should be good and hot then!


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